The Best Things to Do at Genting Highlands

Best Things to Do at Genting Highlands Apart of Casino

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Genting Highlands, a significant landmark of Malaysia, is a place familiar to every Malaysians and people from far and wide. It was founded by the late businessman Lim Goh Tong. Inspired by Cameron Highlands, he dreamt to build a hill resort near Kuala Lumpur as he believed the close vicinity to the capital city of Kuala Lumpur will flourish the hill’s tourism sector. And that dream came true… Today we are going to discuss the several best things to do at Genting Highlands apart of casino.

Now Genting Highlands, sitting atop of Mount Ulu Kali bordering between Pahang and Selangor state, is considered as the country’s premier hill resort and entertainment centre. It is the gateway to Asian’s Las Vegas, renowned for its lavish casino, shopping malls, luxury hotels, exciting theme parks and more. It is dubbed the City of Entertainment, and one of Malaysia’s tourism landmark.

There are so many things to do at Genting Highlands, that we have to pick the best of the best to be featured here. Without further ado, we present you the best things to do whenever you are at Genting Highlands.  


ASIAN’S LAS VEGAS - Genting Highlands

Say “gambling” and people will point you to Genting Highlands. They are famed for developing and housing the first and only legal land-based casinos in Malaysia where locals can gamble to their hearts (and wallets) content. Inspired by Las Vegas and Macau’s casino, our Genting casino is Malaysia’s pride that rakes in a mass of fortune and becoming one of the major boosting factors of our nation’s economy. The best two casinos you can play is:

  • Casino de Genting

Casino de Genting Malaysia

Casino de Genting is a historic moment in Malaysia’s history. Opened in 1971, it is the first legal land-based casino in Malaysia. It took the nation by storm with local gamblers flocking over to Genting for a great gambling experience.

The casino has 400 types of electronic table games, 3,000 slots machines, and 30 tables of games ranging with a variety of games such as Blackjack, Tai Sai, Russian Roulette, French Boule and more. The casino is divided into several themed sections, including exclusive and VIP rooms for elite gamblers. It is operated 24-hour daily with 24-hour dining services for your rejuvenation.

  • SkyCasino Genting

SkyCasino Genting Malaysia

As technology progress, so as their casinos. SkyCasino Genting is modern casino that was built along with SkyAvenue Shopping Mall. SkyCasino Genting is currently the largest casino in Genting Highlands, spanning 2 floors with 8 dining venues with a larger variety of slots machines and gaming tables. Its interior uses a forest theme which is fitted with plenty of earth-toned furnishings and wooden fixtures, with a 16 metres height state-of-the-art ceiling that houses a massive LED screen, offers a digitalised image of the sky and towering trees. Definitely, a one-of-a-kind gambling experience for everyone.

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A FUN-FILLED FAMILY JOY RIDE - Skytropolis Funland

Genting Highlands is not all about gambling, it is a hill resort with plenty of thrilling activities for the whole family. The Genting Outdoor Theme Park was opened in 1994 with an abundance of ride to keep you excited and thrilled. It was closed in 2013 to pave way for a major upgrade and will open its doors as Genting SkyWorlds in approximately the second quarter of 2021. There will be more exciting and superb rides for everyone.

Also, Skytropolis Funland is Genting Highlands’ indoor theme park which was opened in 2001. It was closed for refurbishment in 2017 and reopened in 2018 with several more attractions mimicking older attractions of the former indoor and outdoor theme parks. The theme park also includes the first Asian branch of VOID, a US-based operator of unique fully immersive virtual reality attraction. In addition, there are many eateries surrounding the theme park where you can satiate your hunger when you are tired after playing.

Moreover, there are arcade games scattered all around Genting Highlands where all family and friends can enjoy some of the most nostalgic games such as Daytona, Basketball Score Counter, Dance Dance Revolution, The King of Fighters and more.


SHOPPING IN THE SKY - SkyAvenue Malaysia

Genting Highlands is a unique shopping hub for all shopaholics. Why? Because you are shopping in the sky, amidst the green nature with refreshing cold air. Currently, there are 5 shopping malls at Genting Highlands to pick from or to visit them all. Awana SkyCentral and Genting Highlands Premium Outlet are located near the township of Gohtong Jaya and are connected by two link bridges. The other 3 shopping hubs namely First World Plaza, Genting Grand Complex and SkyAvenue are located at the mountain top.

You can literally find anything at the mountain’s shopping hubs such as clothing, gadgets, accessories and collector items. Though the prices are at the higher end as it is situated in the mountain top, it is considered a premier shopping hub that focuses on the highest quality of goods and products, which provide for greater customer satisfaction. Not to forget, there are plenty of tantalising cuisine for you to eat up there. Especially those hotpots in the cold climate, is a meal of the greatest comfort.


Malaysia Genting Highlands iconic cable car

Take a ride on Genting Highlands iconic cable car; Awana Skyway and Genting Skyway, which lets you experience the highland’s grandeur with a 360 degrees panoramic view in the comfort of your ride.

Leave the hustle and bustle behind, take a stroll at Chin Swee Caves Temple and encircle yourself with the essence of spirituality and tranquillity from the temple’s surrounding. Immerse yourself in the world of Chinese deities and marvel at the iconic Buddha statue situated in the temple’s compound. Head to their vegetarian restaurant for a sumptuous vegan meal or relax at the most chilled Starbucks in the world.

Feeling adventurous? Take a hike up Gunung Bunga Buah, a neighbouring mountain of Genting Highlands. The entrance of the hike begins at Gohtong Jaya, where it leads you to a quarry and into the lush jungle to the mountain top. A moderate hike among the pristine rainforest, you will stumble across wild boars marking, some leeches, and scenic lookout points which overlook the mountain range surrounding Genting Highlands.


Genting Highlands is one of the best places to go if you need an instant retreat from the big city. There is an abundance of hotels and resorts for an awesome staycation there. Yeap, we have the world’s largest hotel (First World Hotel) and Crockfords Hotel which is the only hotel to be awarded Forbes Travel Guide 5-Star Hotel in Malaysia for 2019 and 2020.

Genting Highlands is for Malaysia and the world, an award-winning hill station to fulfil all your entertainment, retreat and adventure needs!