Casino de Genting Malaysia Review

Casino de Genting Review: Malaysia’s First & Historical Casino

Genting Highlands is a name familiar to all in Malaysia. The City of Entertainment sits at the 1865-metre height hill station peak that provides every desired joy to the people. People come for a fun-filled family vacation, shopping for shopaholics, recreation for adventure enthusiast, and gambling at its world renown casinos. In this article, we are going to discuss about the Casino de Genting Malaysia Review.

Casino de Genting is a historic moment in Malaysia’s history. It is the first and only legal land-based casino in Malaysia, and now has grown to be one of the best in Asia. The application to grant licence was submitted in 1969, and the casino was officially opened in 1971, taking the nation by stormed with avid punters heading up Genting Highlands for a great gambling experience.

Until today, Casino de Genting still lives to its name as one of the most unique and greatest casinos in Asia, being visited by people from all over the world. Trust us, we went to experience it for ourselves and its awesomeness blew our mind.



Casino de Genting Malaysia is located within the vicinity of Genting Highlands Resort impressive entertainment complex. The casino has 400 types of electronic table games, 3,000 slots machines, and 30 tables of games which are up to date with frequent maintenance to ensure everything works at its optimum. Gamblers can enjoy a wide selection of games as listed below:

  • Roulette
  • Electronic Roulette
  • Electronic Baccarat
  • Slot machines
  • Baccarat
  • Mini Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Three Card Poker
  • Progressive Texas Hold’em Poker
  • French Boule
  • Tai Sa

The chances of winning are depending on the variance of the game and your luck. It is a fair casino that works without any fraud and scam. All machines work randomly without any human intervention, making results occurred out of sheer luck. Even so, there are plenty of people who have struck the jackpot too, so can you! The dealers at the game tables are highly professional and friendly. They perform their duties with high dedication and ethics, no bias and discrimination. This provides an exciting and thrilling yet secured gambling experience.


The large casino is clean and well-organised. The machines and tables are placed orderly around the spacious casino area, making navigation and selection of spots easier for visitors. The casino is divided into several themed sections, including exclusive and VIP rooms for elite gamblers. It is operated 24 hours, so people can come and gamble all day and night.

Casino de Genting provides a 24-hour dining services for your rejuvenation. There are cafés, coffee and snack bars to grab a quick bite and sip of refreshing beverages. Gambling can be tiring with all the focus we placed in it, and that bar helps to keep us fresh and awake. A quick break to keep us on track.

Furthermore, there are food courts for those who need a wholesome meal to revitalise and replenish lost energy during gameplay. The food served is of the highest quality, which comprises a mix of local and western comfort cuisines. The casino exudes such a friendly and leisure atmosphere that it removes all the stress of gambling, keeping us relaxed throughout our time here.

Casino de Genting Malaysia has more-than-enough friendly staff to serve their punters. They are always around, at every corner of the casino to provide assistance to those in need. They are highly approachable and friendly, able to converse proficiently in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Cantonese and more, and are well-versed about everything gambling and the casino. Punters who have difficulty with their machines or any general enquiries can approach these staff in uniform for assistance.


The casino provides numerous ATMs, self-service kiosks, and bank teller machines around the casino. They are situated in many convenient and safe spots for gamblers to perform money withdrawal with ease. There are also treasury counters available to collect your winning fortunes or perform any transactions. All of the spots mentioned above are monitored by 24/7 CCTV surveillance and patrolling security personnel. Rest assured, for your money is in safe hands.

Let’s take a step back to the entrance. There, you will be greeted with a strict security checkpoint. The security guards at the checkpoint are stern and dedicated to ensure no danger crosses into the casino. Inside, there are an abundance of security personnel patrolling the casino. They monitor and control the bustling situation, making sure that nothing awry goes off in the area. Photography and video recording are not allowed within the casino’s vicinity. Once caught, the guards will have you delete the pictures and footage immediately. Talk about top-notch security!

Definitely, one of the most secured casinos around.



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Casino de Genting Malaysia is more than just a casino. It is a part of Malaysia’s rich history and culture, which makes a monument for tourism and gambling alike. Even if you are not a gambler, we encourage you to take a stroll (If you are aged 21 and above) in Malaysia’s first legal land-based casino and be a part of this nation’s pride. For gamblers, this is a must-visit to experience some of the best and unique casino in Asia, where all your gambling needs are met with wholesome perks amidst the natural fresh air of Genting Highlands. Casino de Genting, here we come!