Comprehensive Guide How to Play 4D Lottery Malaysia ASEAN

The Comprehensive Guide: How to Play 4D Lottery in Malaysia and ASEAN

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4D lottery is one of the most popular and simplest gambling games to be played. It has been played for many decades, entertaining people far and wide. It is an interesting and thrilling game that provides generous rewards with low wagers. 4D lottery received so much positive response, it became the first gambling activity to be recognised and legalised by the government in some countries. It does not take a professional or highly skilled player to place a 4D lottery bet, hence, it makes this game being loved and enjoyed by all walks of life, be it for casual or serious gambling. In this post, let us cover the comprehensive guide on how to play 4D lottery in Malaysia and ASEAN.

How to Play 4D Lottery in Malaysia

How to Play 4D Lottery in Malaysia

There is nothing too comprehensive in the ways of the 4D lottery. It is very simple and straightforward to play. All you need is to place a bet on your selected 4-digit combination from 0000 to 9999 and hope for the selected numbers to win.

Step 1: Pick your lucky 4-digit numbers combinations. Players will have to select 4-digit numbers in the range from 0000 to 9999. You can purchase as many sets of numbers as you want.

Step 2: State whether you want to place a BIG bet or SMALL bet. Big bet means that your numbers are eligible to win prizes in every category (Top 3 and consolation prizes). It boosts a higher chance of winning prizes but the payout will be lesser. Meanwhile, a small bet refers to your numbers being eligible of winning the top 3 prizes ONLY. It is harder to win but the cash prizes are awesomely lucrative.

Step 3: Check the results. The result table will be updated weekly, somewhere in the middle of the week and in the weekend. You are able to check the results via online to see if your number wins any prizes. There are live drawing sessions, where the winning numbers are drawn live which makes for a thrilling 4D experience.

Step 4: Cross-check the results with your lottery tickets. Remember to always have your tickets in hand when you are checking the result table. Ensure that your ticket numbers tally with the numbers that appear in the result table. The lottery tickets are needed to proof that you are the rightful winner to be able to collect your cash prizes.

Step 5: Collect your cash prizes. If you have won cash prizes, contact the vendor that you have bought the lottery ticket from and inform them of your wins. The vendor will verify your tickets and give you the money by cheque or direct debit into your bank account.

How to Win 4D Lottery Strategies

How to Win 4D Lottery Strategies Malaysia

Even though 4D lottery is purely a game of luck, there are still several play-smart tactics that can be employed to increase your chances of winning. Let’s find out more:

  • Analyse & identify your lucky numbers

Obtain the charts of past results via online. Study the chart, analyse the probability and statistic of past results to discover the patterns of number combinations or certain digits that always appear in the result table. From there, you may be able to decipher the ‘lucky’ numbers that appears frequently and form your number based on that. It is a common tactic used to increase the chances of winning.

  • Do not pick numbers that have recently won

Numbers that have recently won do not repeat often in a short time. You can cross that number out and figure out another 4-digit combination, or you may use the same set of the recently-won numbers with different arrangements. Keep in mind that there are 24 different arrangements for a set of 4-digit number. From there, you have 24 chances of striking a win in the next draw. You could purchase a few arrangements or all 24 arrangements to see if any one of those can win you cash prizes.

  • Test your luck with the 4D number generator

If you are purchasing 4D via online, you may opt to utilise the 4D number generator also known as the predicting software. You may want to play it quick and simple, rely your luck on the predicting software and let it generate numbers for you. If you are lucky, you may win something big from it.

  • The more numbers you purchase, the higher chances to win

Utilise all the essential tactics mentioned above, and then purchase your multiple selected 4-digit numbers. That’s right, the more you purchase, the higher chances for you to win. With the tactics above, your bulk purchasing will have better probabilities than those who purchase their bulk blindly.

The Pinnacle of 4D in ASEAN

How to Win 4D Lottery Strategies Malaysia

  • West & East Malaysia

4D is said to be founded in Malaysia by a schoolboy in Kedah, Malaysia, back in 1951. The schoolboy raffled his bicycle for 100 $1 tickets, each bearing two digits. The winner will have their 2-digit number matched the number of the first prize, which is the bicycle. Thereon, it evolved to the 3D and 4D respectively, with 4D being the most played system to date. The method of playing the 4D is similar to any 4D lottery game in the world. The only distinctive difference are the brands, companies or 4D operators who owns and manages the 4D game.

Magnum 4D, Sports Toto, Da Ma Cai and Pan Malaysia Pools are the leading 4D operators in the whole of Malaysia which encompasses of West and East Malaysia. However, East Malaysia has their own exclusive 4D dealers that cater to their local states such as Sandakan 4D, Special CashSweep, and Sabah 88. 4D lotteries are regulated and licensed by the government of Malaysia, and they can be bought from the abundance of 4D shops available at every town, cities and even via online casinos such as 96Ace and DON99 (For more casino reviews, please click here). 4D lottery is one of the major contributors to Malaysia’s economy growth. 

  • Singapore

TOTO is wholly run by Singapore Pools, the one and only licensed 4D operator in Singapore which is also owned by the Government of Singapore. TOTO was established and licensed in 1968 to control the rampant of illegal gambling in the nation during the 1960s. Citizens can purchase 4D numbers at any TOTO outlet available in almost every part of Singapore.

The draws are conducted on every Monday and Thursday at 6:30pm (Singapore time). You can check the results via online or in the newspaper. Do take note that the draw time will be changed to 9:30pm in case of a cascade draw. For extra thrill, head over to Singapore Pools main branch to view a live TOTO draw, and cheer for your 4D numbers to appear with the rest of the players. The good thing of playing TOTO is that, you can gamble and be altruistic at the same time as the profits from TOTO goes to the Singapore Totaliser Board which uses the money for charity and noble causes.

  • Cambodia

4D lottery is relatively new in Cambodia. Hence, they do not contain much comprehensive history like their fellow southeast Asian countries, Malaysia and Singapore. 4D lottery or gambling itself is generally illegal in Cambodia apart from the government-run and licensed lotteries. Nonetheless, Cambodia is booming fast in the 4D lottery gaming world with some outstanding 4D operators in the nation such as Grand Dragon 4D, New Win 4D, Lucky Hari Hari, Perdana Lottery 4D and Super 4D Cambodia.

Despite their legitimacy, 4D lottery has been flourishing in Cambodia over the past few years. It has sparked a new phenomenon in the nation, many people are hyped and tempted to test their luck of fortune in the 4D lottery. One of the licensed and regulated 4D operators in Cambodia is Super 4D Cambodia, which according to their official presentation, is the largest 4D operator in the country. They also have the highest number of agents in the nation whom the locals can purchase their 4D numbers from. It could be said that Super 4D Cambodia is the safest bet for the locals.

All these 4D lottery providers operate in the similar manner with all the 4D lottery operators that can be found in Malaysia and Singapore. 4D in Cambodia is played in the similar way as any 4D games around the world; pick your selected 4-digit number combinations, place your bet, check your numbers in the updated result table, and hope that you win your fortune! Simple, fun, exciting!


4D lottery is definitely one of the safest and simplest way of gambling. That is why it has attracted gamblers and non-gamblers alike to try their luck for some quick fortune. It is an incredibly low risk game with a lucrative return (if your number strikes a winning slot). Like any gambling games in the world, winning or losing in 4D is secondary, it is the enjoyment and thrill that comes first. All in all, we hope this comprehensive guide on how to play 4D lottery in Malaysia and ASEAN can provide you with useful information and you can beat them.