Ultimate Guide on How to Play Texas Holdem Poker Online for Beginners Malaysia

The Ultimate Guide on How to Play Texas Holdem Poker Online for Beginners in Malaysia

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Today we are going to discuss about the ultimate guide on how to play texas holdem poker online for beginners in Malaysia. Officially, the poker is one of casino games that’s played between six or nine players. ‘Heads up’ can be played between 2 players. This game can be enjoyed in 2 instances. One situation is when the standard poker game or the tournament is coming to an end and will finish up with the last 2 players sitting or standing. The other situation would be joining a heads-up game were just 2 play against each other face to face.

Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Holdem Poker Online Malaysia

You can check out the hand that outranks another before playing. The dealer deals 2 cards at the beginning of every hand or session, which aren’t supposed to be revealed to the players. These are known as pocket cards or hole cards and are utilized together with other hands that the dealer displays at the table, to create a poker hand. We will reveal other details about that in the sections below.

How To Play Poker Game

How To Play Poker Game Online Malaysia

To begin playing, 2 forced bets called blinds are placed in the pot to create some excitement. There are 2 kinds of blinds including the ‘big blinds’ and ‘small blinds’. The big blinds are normal twice the size of the small blinds. The player seated at the left side of a dealer will place the small blind at the table, while the player seated ta the right side will place a big blind. The player seated next to the dealer will be given the first chance to decide whether they want to bet or not.

In real money games, these blinds are constant and players require shifting to another table if they want lower or higher blinds. In tournaments, these blinds normally begin as very low bets and will increase as time goes on. For example, from a beginning pile of 2,000 chips, blinds normally begin at 25/50. When the session is over, blinds increase to 50/100. Blinds will advance increasing after every 15/20 minutes until the game is over.

The Actions Of Texas Holdem Poker

The Actions Of Texas Holdem Poker Online Malaysia

In the texas holdem poker game, all actions move to the left side. After placing the blinds, the player seated at the left side of a big blind will be given the chance to decide if they want to play. Players are offered three choices to pick from including;

  • Folding; a player can fold when is no longer interested in participating in that hand by giving up the cards
  • Call; this mainly revolves around matching a big blind to show participation in a hand
  • Raise; this involves increasing a bet at the minimum of big blinds and is a pure signal of a very strong hand. For example, if a blind is placed at 25/50, an increase needs to be at the minimum of 100, increasing the big blind.

When a player raises beyond the blinds, every player, including those that placed a blind bet, will be required to wait for the chance to decide whether to call. After the bets have been placed, a dealer is required to deal five cards face up to finish a whole round.

What Takes Place After The First Session Of Poker Bets?

What Takes Place After The First Session Of Poker Bets

After the first bets are placed, the dealer is required to deal with the initial three cards, which are called the ‘flop’. After a flop, there will be another betting session taking place, beginning with the player that placed a small blind moving to the side on the left. It’s not a must that players should bet because they can also decide ‘checking’, which implies they won’t place their bets until they see, which is the next card for free. If all players checks, then the dealer deals with the next card. If a single player bets again, other players will be required to wait for a chance to decide if they want to raise, call or fold.

The next card that a dealer deal is known as the ‘turn’. This happens to be the fourth card and another round of betting will occur, offering players another opportunity of deciding if they want to remain in the game. The final and the last card is known as the ‘river’. After the final betting round, the game ends there and players show their hole cards. To create the poker hand, players require combining their hole cards with three of the five cards that have been revealed by the dealer or utilize the cards dealt for creating a hand. The player having the highest hand will win the pot.

Sit and Go tournament

This is a basic tournament that is normally played at 96Ace between five players and can also be enjoyed hands up. Players who are participating will be required to pay a ‘buy in’ a term that is normally used for describing the entry charges of this game. Players will find a miniature fee known as the ‘rake’ within the buy-in price.

Sit and Go tournament begins immediately after enough players sit around the table. These games don’t have a set beginning time. In a five-seater game, the top two places are paid and the 1st place is paid out around 66.6% of all wins.

Poker Tournament

This is another poker game that is enjoyed between several players between ten and can include even thousands. Players sit at different tables until they fill all the tables. The game ends if the player wins all-tournament chips. Look out for different kinds of tournaments to choose the one that suits your needs and preferences.

Types Of Poker Tournaments

There are several types of poker tournaments to pick from including;

  • Multi-buy; the capability to buy several piles instead of getting just one
  • Freeroll; these tournaments are free to play though provides tournaments tickets or money prizes
  • Guaranteed Tournaments (GTD); this is a guaranteed prize contrary to the collective pool that depends on the number of players. For example, in case a MYR2,000 Guaranteed Tournament having a MYR10 buy-in is having only 200 players, the prize will still be MYR2,000. In case the size of players goes beyond 200, the Guaranteed Tournament prize will rise.

What is a ‘Rebuy’

What is a ‘Rebuy’

A rebuy is a chance of buying another pile of chips after the first beginning pile is lost. Rebuys aren’t always available in all the tournaments. the tournament game or information states if the rebuys are possible. For example, in the freeze-out tournaments, participants will only receive a single pile of chips, though, for the players that rely on the rebuys, this might change the strategy and the game dynamics. It’s crucial to consider the level of the blinds before you purchase the rebuys because this is a factor as well. For example, when a player wants a rebuy of 2,000 chips and it happens the blinds have gone to 100/200, the player will only be left with ten big blinds. Rebuys are normally available in the 1st hour of the game.

What is Add On

What is Add On

An Add On is the same as the rebuy. The only difference is that the player doesn’t require elimination to buy an Add On and can only be bought before the hour of rebuy closes.

Real Money Texas Holdem Poker Games

Real Money Texas Holdem Poker Games Malaysia

Poker rules don’t change any matter the type of game you are playing including the freezeout tournament, cash game or Sit and Go. One of the benefits of this game is the chance to leave or join the game anytime the player wants. If the player feels like he has made enough profits and wants to exit the table, he can do so in this game. Another special thing about cash games is that the blinds don’t increase with time, as is the case with Sit n Go’s and tournaments. They are unchanged, though the rake is calculated differently.

Popular Poker Terminology

Popular Poker Terminology Malaysia

When practicing how to play Texas holdem poker games, you also require having some knowledge concerning the most popular poker terminologies you may see stated on the tables or articles.

  • Shark

Poker pro or an experienced player that is capable of recognizing play patterns is ale to read the mind of other players and has the capability of capitalizing on amateur mistakes.

  • Fish

The term ‘fish’ refers to the new poker player that is quickly identified at the table because of lack of experience and the style they use to play.

  • No limit poker

No limit refers to the size of chips any participant is capable of betting in one hand and the max is known as “All In”.

  • Preflop

This refers to the action of betting that precedes the flop just as suggested by its name. Players having high pocket hands usually try eliminating players from a hand by raising the pre-flop for determining other players that also have the highest hand.

  • Burn card

After every round of betting, a dealer discards the card at the top as a protective measure for cheating.

  • Bluffing

Bluffing refers to when a player acts as the hand of the player is stronger than it is in the real sense, tricking other participants and walking away with the pot.

  • On the button

Each player gets an opportunity of being a hypothetical dealer. when the player is on a button, it implies that a player will act in the last position from every round betting. Positioning is very important in a poker game because tactics and strategies switch in different positions.

  • Split pot

When 2 players or several acquire a similar hand, the wins in the pot are divided equally between the participants.

  • The nuts

This is the term that is used if the player gets the highest hand and can’t be defeated by the combination of hands that have been dealt. This is the best place to be in because it offers player’s controls as well as security and allows the player to wager with a lot of confidence.

  • Pot committed

This takes place if the player invests many chips in the pot within a specific hand and has a feeling that he cant fold as the investment is too big although the had may not be the highest.

Are Players Allowed To Play Each Hand In Poker?

Are Players Allowed To Play Each Hand In Poker Online Malaysia

Sometimes, the experienced players may request to be allowed to play some poker hands. It’s not recommendable or good to play each hand in the poker game. The major reason behind this is because of odds and stats. Players can’t make profits on each hand depending on all the potential results, mainly on the bigger tables. An efficient strategy will be folding between 80% and 90% of hands as well as learn from other players instead of learning from very expensive mistakes.

How Can I Determine A Winning Hand In This Game?

How Can I Determine A Winning Hand In This Game

Another important thing that players should bear in mind is that even when having just a single hand, you require to know your five-card hand value. Another most popular confusion area for the newbies in poker is when determining the player having the winning hand when 2 players have 2 pair hands.

Importance Of Position In The Game

Importance Of Position In The Game

Positioning is very important in a poker game and will alter the hand’s dynamic based on the position that a player is in. the hand’s strength will change based on the position that the player is in especially if they are having similar cards. For example, if a player has an Ace Eight in the out position, they will be played completely different compared to when a player was the last to bet. If many players bet after you, you will become weaker and you will end up losing many chips.

It’s always good to remain focused when playing the Texas holdem poker game and learning the potential risks.


Poker is a stunning and fun game. In this game, everything doesn’t just revolve around cards, but you will also be able to make very tough decisions, take risks, evaluate the patterns of betting and read other participants’ body language. Always remain ahead of this game and make sure that you read many guide on how to play Texas holdem poker online for beginners in Malaysia so that you can learn what you are getting yourself into.