The Ultimate Guide on How to play Keno Game Malaysia

The Ultimate Guide on How to play Keno Game Malaysia

Keno online is a simple casino game to play and doesn’t need any strategy to enjoy. The best thing about the keno game is that there are profitable payoffs to win and this makes it worth it to enjoy online keno game. In this post, we will discuss The Ultimate Guide on How to play Keno Game Malaysia.

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If you have never played a keno game before and you would want to try it, then we recommend that you play keno online for free first. By doing this, you will have the chance to learn all the keno rules and also practice your keno strategy risk-free.

But, if you have learned all the rules of keno and you feel like you bet to play keno for real money; you should consider reading this article regarding guide on how to play Keno game Malaysia.

Best Real Money Online Keno Casinos

Best Real Money Online Keno Casinos Malaysia

Below, we will provide an extensive list of best casinos online that accepts players from across the globe.

When playing at these casinos you can use MasterCard and Visa to make reliable and secure deposits. Play keno online and win some real money at the casinos we will list later in this review.

Keno gambling online; how to enjoy the game

Online real money keno is a simple game to enjoy, particularly if you know the rules and you have participated in lottery games in the past. Following are 5 simple steps that you should consider reading when playing keno games for real money at a casino online.

  • Pick your favorite real money online keno game
  • Pick any number between one and eighty
  • Decide on the amount of money you want to use to bet for each draw
  • Pick the number of games you would like to enjoy
  • After following all the steps above, press on play and wait for winning numbers to be drawn

Keno Games Online – Rules

Keno Games Online Rules Malaysia

Despite the mere fact the keno games are linked with an ancient demographic, this game has evolved at a greater pace. This casino game attracts players that want to enjoy the games for a short period. When going through the rules of keno rules, you should consider the tips provided below.

  • The keno ‘board’ can carry numbers, which range from 1 to eighty. All players get an opportunity of marking their cards using 15 different numbers.
  • There is the paytable that is normally offered in plain view, which will show the amount you will win, based on the numbers you will manage to hit.
  • An RNG (Random Number Generator) is used to draw the 20 numbers and your aim is to match several numbers on the card with the drawn numbers.
  • You can also control the speed at a player’s discretion.

How to play Keno online strategy?

How to play Keno online strategy Malaysia

Many players are always confused when it comes to the best keno strategy to use on their gameplay. You will never find a way, which you can use to assure better math winning chance as the keno drawing is done randomly. However, you can try tracking the numbers depending on the previous results.

Another best chance to make a lot of money playing online real money keno is through bankroll management. Apply a decent money management strategy to decide the number of real money games you want to play as well as the amount of money you want to use on betting. After that, multiply the amount by 2, and the result should be your budget. When playing a keno game, you shouldn’t have a mentality of never losing. But, you should enjoy the keno game as a way of having fun.

Keno Online – Live Play

Keno Online - Live Play

When playing online live keno game, you will be participating with other players in scheduled drawings. The rules of the live keno are the same as those of online keno. Another important thing is that the payout and the house edge is similar and all the outcomes are determined by an RNG.

In live keno game, a player is required to choose a number from 1 to ten, which ranges between1to eighty. 20 balls are drawn randomly and if a player manages to match one of the numbers from the selected, the winnings will be given to the winner. Normally, the keno scheduled draws take place after every 2 minutes. Each player is offered a 2 minute playing period.

Also, you can play the live keno game via the live app. Multiple app keno games are supported by Windows devices, iOS, and Android. Also, the consecutive draws take place after every few minutes.

Online Keno Betting Tips

Online Keno Betting Tips Malaysia

Below are some common tips that you can utilize to play the chance-based game. Play keno game at the best casinos and stick to these crucial keno betting tips below;

  • Make sure that you are entirely conversant with the rules of the real money keno game before you begin playing. Having said that, you will be required to use most of your bankroll, if you pick many keno games to enjoy.
  • When enjoying the keno game at an online casino, you will be required to play at a faster pace than at physical casinos. However, it’s not a must that you play at a fast pace, you can opt to play at a pace, which works for you best.
  • If you want to track the previous keno numbers, you will be required to know first the game, supplier, and the date on which the drawings of the numbers occurred. The variant of video keno offered by Microgaming is normally the best for that work.
  • Come up with a budget and set aside the money that you would want to use for betting. If you lose, make sure that you don’t use the money meant for the bills to wager. Also, you shouldn’t lose the money you can’t afford at keno.

How you can win every time by utilizing our expert strategy tips of keno

Most keno players are familiar with this game as it’s super visible at the physical casinos. This chance-based game utilizes an RNG that draws numbers randomly. Therefore, to be precise, there is no strategy, which you can use to ensure the numbers you have picked are drawn. Nevertheless, as a player, you can use some keno tips to win this game. Below are some of the tips that you can use to help you in picking your numbers well, create a great bankroll and manage your money to play longer at the casino.

  • Look around for the online casinos offering the best keno bonuses

If you decide to play keno at online casinos instead of enjoying it at a physical casino, you will get a better chance to make the most out of this game. There is a wide range of casinos online that provides players with incredible bonuses and you should ensure that you take advantage of them. When picking an online casino to play at, bear in mind some are better than others. Online casinos are always trying to outshine each other by providing juicy bonuses.

  • Practice your preferred keno strategy by playing the free game

If you feel you aren’t confident enough to play keno at online casinos, you should first go through the terms and rules of the game. After learning all the keno strategies and rules, you can then use them on the free games provided at the sites that we have recommended at our site. Once you feel that you have acquired the right strategy, you can then proceed to play real money keno at a reputable casino online.

  • Don’t get confused when picking numbers

When picking your numbers, you shouldn’t be anxious because the results are entirely random. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you pick your lucky numbers or pick them randomly. Furthermore, if you are finding it hard to choose a variety of random numbers, you can utilize a ‘Quick Pick’ option in online keno versions.

  • Consider utilizing multi racecards

Multiple casinos online available on the internet provide multi racecards, whereby players can pick the numbers only one time over a series of keno games. Playing using any of these multi-race cards will save you time, particularly if you are consistently using your lucky numbers to play and don’t want to choose others.

  • Slow down

The major difference between keno played at physical casinos and keno played at casinos online, is that the latter is played at a faster pace. Basically, immediately the numbers get drawn at land-based casinos, you will be required to wait for the gameplay to finish though at casinos online, you don’t have to wait. In simple words, at casinos online you can play as many times as you can. Though this sounds great to most players, don’t get over-excited and forget to stick to your betting budget.

Keno Numbers, Which Hit The Most

Keno Numbers, Which Hit The Most Malaysia

Most players usually conduct research online looking for the keno numbers that normally hit the most. There are some numbers that are normally drawn many times. Although there isn’t a way of guaranteeing that a certain number will be shown up in each draw, there are various numbers, which you should always remember to use.

Also, there are various numbers, which are rarely drawn. Learning these numbers will help you greatly to choose the best bets. Some of the numbers that are rarely drawn include 3, 16, 44, 58, and 78. You can also use the lottery frequency chart available online for checking the number that is drawn many times in the past ten, fifty, or 100 games.

Free Online Keno

Free Online Keno Malaysia

Most online keno websites provide both real money keno and free keno online games. Playing a keno game for real money is more exciting compared to when playing for free. But, free keno online offers players a great chance of learning the rules of keno games.

When playing free online keno games, players won’t be required to deposit their real money at the casino. When playing for free, players can use real money strategies and keno rules. By doing this, a player can decide on the best strategy to use for playing real money games. Not only that, but you will also be able to understand the software behind a specific keno game. If you feel you have the required skills and you want to play a real money game, you can proceed. However, always make sure that you choose the best casino online Malaysia (click here), which is highly reputable. The main advantage you will get when playing real money over free play is that you stand a chance to win huge jackpots, which can change you into a millionaire in an instant.

All in all, do you have any winning skills and strategies after reading The Ultimate Guide on How to play Keno Game Malaysia?

Online Casino Keno FAQs

How to play Keno Malaysia FAQs

  1. Can I enjoy keno at online casinos?

Yes. Online keno is the same as the one that you can play in lottery games. The rules are similar. But, with keno online, you will be playing against a computer.

  1. Is the keno game available for 24 hours?

Real keno is available 24/7. A new keno game is played after every 3 minutes at the best gambling websites online.

  1. How many numbers can a player choose in a keno game?

In the normal keno live, the player is required to choose twenty numbers.

  1. Which is the best keno strategy?

Unluckily, there is no best strategy that you can use on keno to guarantee to win. But, there are tips that you can follow to help you win in this game including; setting a manageable bankroll, avoiding playing multiple numbers, and knowing that the keno game is a game of luck. If you still feel confuse, please read again the guide on how to play keno in Malaysia.

  1. Which is the price of playing online keno?

Tickets for real money keno go for RM1 and RM20. The price of keno tickets changes based on the numbers that a player has picked.

  1. What are the payouts for keno?

Payouts for the keno game are based on the number of spots picked by a player. The winning odds of real keno are based on the numbers that a player has picked and matched.

  1. How do I get my wins on the keno game?

To get the winnings you make when playing real money keno, you will be required to visit the site you were playing at and visit the cashier section, and cash out your wins.