Poker Strategy Malaysia Best Poker Tips For Beginners

Poker Strategy Malaysia: Best Poker Tips For Beginners

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When it comes to the poker game, new players require to learn a lot about the game before playing. In the beginning, just slight information will be enough, though as you upgrade, the new details you learned about this game won’t help so much. Therefore, if you are a new poker payer, you have come to the right place, as we will provide you with all the details you might be looking for. Not only will this guide help you learn about the poker game, but it will also help you save your bankroll while playing. Make sure that you will read the whole of this guide “Poker Strategy Malaysia: Best Poker Tips For Beginners” because it will help you become a winning player.

But, one thing you should bear in mind is that these expert tips won’t turn you into a pro poker player in 10 minutes, but will definitely help you play the right way to become a winning poker player. Let’s get started!

Poker Strategy 1: Avoid Playing Too Many Hands

Poker Strategy 1 Avoid Playing Too Many Hands

One of the common mistakes that new players usually make is failing to be selective with their initial hands. If you are a new player, never at any moment conclude that all poker hands can lead to winning. Even though this is true, as you progress playing poker games, you will realize that some hands have a great winning potential compared to others and will land you to good profits, while others might result in very big losses. Therefore, what we are trying to say is that you should be very careful when choosing your playing hands.

Poker Strategy 2: Avoid Bluffing Too Much

Poker Strategy 2 Avoid Bluffing Too Much

Another common belief that poker players have is that a player requires to bluff for them to make a winning. You might see remarkable bluffs displayed on the WSOP demonstrations, though they are nothing but edited shows aimed to show tournament highlights. Therefore, these end up giving a wrong impression that the best players win through bluffing. To be precise, bluffing in a poker game doesn’t help players to win and it’s a misconception.

If you are a newbie to poker online, the best way to win is playing your cards the smart way instead of bluffing other players out of hands. Although bluffing helps sometimes, you need to practice and be patient in order for you to know when to bluff.

Poker Strategy 3: Think About Other Players’ Cards

Poker Strategy 3 Think About Other Players’ Cards

Thinking about the strength of other participant’s hands in poker is very crucial. It’s good to have a strong hand, however, if you think that other players are having a stronger hand than you, always fold your hand. For instance, the best hand is straight; however, if 4 cards are having a similar suit and your opponent drives all of them in, you won’t have a best hard to win.

Poker Strategy 4: Play Against The Workers That Are Weaker Than You

Poker Strategy 4 Play Against The Workers That Are Weaker Than You

This might always appear straightforward, though you will be shocked to learn that most poker players usually don’t believe in this principle. If you always opt to play with players that are weaker than you, at the end of the day you will always emerge the winner. Let’s say, for example, if you are the tenth top player across the globe, it’s advisable that you don’t share the same table with the best nine players across the world.

Decide the games and limits as cautious as the cards you are planning to play with. Choosing the best tables in poker will help you spot the fishy tables in the gaming lobby. 

Poker Strategy 5: Choose Your Position At The Table Wisely

Poker Strategy 5 Choose Your Position At The Table Wisely

Table position in a poker game is a very crucial aspect, particularly in Texas Holdem. The best position that players should always fight for is when they are the last to pick a hand. By doing this, you will always have a chance to guess which hands the other players have chosen and this helps you choose the right hand. Having the best position in a hand will automatically turn a weak hand into a winning hand.

The position normally acts a major role in some poker versions such as Texas Holdem. Table position is normally more crucial than even the cards and draws a line between a losing and a winning hand.

Poker Strategy 6: Be Attentive When Playing

Poker Strategy 6 Be Attentive When Playing

The best method to choose your hands is by watching closely how other players are playing in every pot. Regardless of whether you are participating or not, you should always make sure that you focus on the game in session to learn how pro players play or pick their hands. In most cases, you will learn what players do when they have a weaker hand and the action they take when they have a better hand. This way, you will acquire a lot of information and you will have a good chance of beating them.

Poker Strategy 7: Avoid Playing For High Limits

Poker Strategy 7 Avoid Playing For High Limits

There are 2 major reasons why new poker players should avoid playing for high limits. First, higher limit players are normally skilled than the lower limit players. So, chances are very few that you will succeed in beating them and you will only end up spending a lot of money and deplete your bankroll in that process.

Secondly, as a new player, it’s good to make sure you player at the limits that are within your means. Later in this guide, we will educate you on how you can manage your bankroll. You have better bankroll management skills you will be able to be the player for longer and increase your winning chances. If you aren’t in a position to manage your bankroll, it’s very hard to win even if you utilize the best poker strategy Malaysia.

Poker Strategy 8: Avoid Paying Too Much For A Draw

Poker Strategy 8 Avoid Paying Too Much For A Draw

In some cases, players find themselves holding a half card, which only requires a single card to complete a straight or a flush. Based on the rules of the poker game, if you bet with a player who is betting highly, it’s good to avoid such draws. But, if you are playing with a lower roller player, you can call in and make your hand. If you see that your opponent is taking too big that a call won’t be worth it, you can then decide to call it to quit.

Poker Strategy 9: Avoid Suited Cards

Poker Strategy 9 Avoid Suited Cards

The ultimate mistake that new players usually make is over-rating the suited card. Although the rating of suited cards is usually made by the new players, some pro players usually do that. Because flushes are rare, when a player limps in holding their 2 small suited cards, chances are that players will lose all their bankroll to the higher flush if it fails to appear.

For example, if you have suited cards, you will only improve your hand by around two percent than when you don’t have a suited hand. This slight improvement is way very little to warrant pre-flop call raises. Therefore, it’s always good to fold a small suited card. By doing this, you will only be saving your bankroll and avoid making huge losses.

Poker Strategy 10: Learn The Rules

Poker Strategy 10 Learn The Rules

As this might seem quite obvious, the first step to making it in a poker game is learning the rules. One of the mistakes that players usually is to call an opponent thinking that their straight bet has beaten his flush, only to end up losing all the chips that they hand. Even if you have the best strategy in hand but you don’t know the rules of games, chances are very high that you will always lose in the game. Learning the rules of poker is the first step of becoming a pro player. In addition to that, every casino and card room might feature its own special set of rules, which the players must abide by. Therefore, these are the things players require to familiarize themselves with before they decide to start playing.

As you have seen above, there are many mistakes that new players usually make though most of them are avoidable. If you want to win, it’s always good to start your betting journey by learning all the poker rules. Nothing can ever assure a winning hand more than learning the poker rules. Regardless of whether you use the best strategy or not, you must learn the rules to win.


Just as a reminder, always make use that you play with players that are weaker than you because you will always beat them. But, if you decide to play with players better than you, chances are that they will beat you.

For you to play for a longer time, you need to learn about bankroll management. Also, always makes sure that you only lose what you can afford at the casino. If you feel that the game has become too tough for you and you are losing money after every session, it’s good to call it quiet. Don’t always think what players will think about you or might look weak. At the end of the day, you will deal with the consequences of the decision you make alone. Hope this poker strategy Malaysia guide can give some brainstorming regarding best poker tips for beginners.