Genting Highlands Sky Casino Genting Malaysia Review

Genting Highlands: Sky Casino Genting Malaysia Review

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Genting Highlands, famously dubbed as the City of Entertainment, is a hill station of fun-filled family activities, shopping, staycation and recreation alike. Their landmark, though, is their casinos, which is Malaysia’s first and only legal land-based casinos and also one of the best in Asia. Today we are going to discuss the Sky Casino Genting Malaysia Review.

Hence, Sky Casino Genting is the most recent and ground breaking gambling hub in Genting Highlands.

Sky Casino Genting Malaysia is a modern and futuristic-looking casino that was built along with SkyAvenue Shopping Mall, the latest hype of the hill station. Sky Casino Genting is currently the largest casino in Genting Highlands, spanning 2 floors with 8 dining venues. Of course, there are also a larger variety of slots machines and gaming tables for punters far and wide to enjoy 24/7.


Sky Casino Genting INTERIOR Malaysia

Its interior has a forest theme which is fitted with plenty of earth-toned furnishings and wooden fixtures. It gives a very naturesque atmosphere to visitors as though punters are gambling within the jungle. The place has a 16 metres height state-of-the-art ceiling that houses a massive LED screen offering a digitalised image of the sky and towering trees. A zen atmosphere that lets’ gamblers to stay relax and not be stressed out from their losses, and to maintain a calm emotion to strategise their bet better.


From the entrance, you will be greeted with a strict security check from the stern and dedicated security guards. Inside, there are plenty of security personnel making their rounds in the casino, ensuring there are no troubles such as brawls, hooligans, scammers and schemers, or people taking photograph and video within the casino’s vicinity. Being ignorant, we tried taking a photograph and immediately a guard came to us and demanded that we delete the pictures. It proves itself to be one of the safest and secure casinos in town.

Besides the patrolling security personnel, there are plenty of friendly staff making their rounds to provide assistance to those in need. Punters who have difficulty with their machines or any general enquiries can approach these staff (in obvious uniform) for aid. They are able to converse proficiently in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Cantonese and some are able to speak more than that.

The casino provides an abundance of self-service kiosks, ATMs, and bank teller machines which are situated in many convenient spots. For added convenience, there are treasury counters available for transactions at Sky Casino Genting where you are able to collect your winning fortunes. All the monetary convenience are monitored by 24/7 CCTV and security personnel, so you will be in safe hands while managing your finances there.


As mentioned earlier, there are 8 dining venues within Sky Casino Genting Malaysia. The dining venue includes a food court, coffee bar, café and snack bar for those who are hungry in the middle of a gameplay or those who need a quick bite and sip for rejuvenation. The place has a relaxing environment which functions round the clock to serve gamblers who need a break.

The non-smoking food court with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the highlands lush rainforest, provides a majestic view while dining with a tasty mix of local and western cuisines. Yes, there are char kuey tiow, roasted duck rice, western food and all the comfort food that you crave. The dishes are of the highest quality. A great way to refresh yourself from your gamble.

If that is not enough, you may take a breather outside the casino at SkyAvenue Shopping Mall to fix your cravings with a wide variety of renown food and beverages such as Seoul’s Kyo Chon, London’s Burger & Lobster and more.


Sky Casino Genting GAMES Malaysia

Sky Casino Avenue games are all up to date with constant maintenance to ensure the machines always work at its best. There are thousands of slots machines, hundreds of electronic table games, and a plethora of table games such as Blackjack, Poker, Russian Roulette, Baccarat, Big Six Wheel, Sic Bo, French Boule, Tai Sai and more.

The chances to win are fairly dependent on your luck and strategies but it is by far one of the most exciting and thrilling casinos you will ever visit. The dealers are interactive and professional, which makes the experience even better. If you want to win more, go for the slots machines with low variance to up your winning chances albeit a lower payout. You may also try your luck on the jackpot if you are feeling ambitious.

There are regular public gambling space and exclusive VIP rooms for elite gamblers, owing to your gambling charisma. Sky Casino Genting Malaysia operates 24/7, so you can gamble round the clock and back. The machines and gaming tables are spread out evenly throughout the spacious area of all levels, along with seven LED screens that display ongoing competitive gaming tournaments. A futuristic casino setting amidst the majestic and lush greens of mother nature, definitely, a one-of-a-kind gambling experience for everyone.

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Register yourself for the Genting Rewards (casino) cards which transform you into a special privileged member of Genting Highlands and its’ casinos. You will be entitled to endless amount of exclusive benefits and promotions. Pick your membership card ranking from lowest to top; Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, with the top raking maximum perks. The perks available are Members’ Birthday Offer, Members Appreciation Night, Priority Service and more. Check them out here!


Sky Casino Genting Malaysia is definitely a must-visit for gamblers and non-gamblers alike, to experience some of the finest and unique casino in Asia. Our detailed experience with Sky Casino Genting stated above said it all. Let’s ride to Sky Casino Genting!